Rhythmic Birth from Within

Doula Takayo


So glad you found me!!



Hello I'm Takayo Wakayama.

I'm a Japanese/ English Bilingual birth doula.


 I have been holding a space for birthing mothers and families for over 20 years in the US and Japan.


I acknowledge that the Birthing process is a healing and transforming journey from within.

That birthing healing energy moves a birthing person, her family and everyone who supported.


I'm here for you to support your whole pregnancy to birth, and follow up after birth throughout lactation.


I understand the process of emotional and physical transforme during pregnancy, birth and afterbirth.


I will share information and tools that you need. 


I will hold a space for you with my respect, knowledges, wisdom as you wish.


I’m so excited to meet you. 

Let's talk and create about your own Birth!